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Instructions for the creation of a new archived e-mail forum:    (4Q)

 ("COP" is used in place of the community, team, CoP or site name below)    (55)

1. The site administrator would create a new list/forum by completing the form page at: http://COP.cim3.net/mailman/create    (4R)

2. After the creation, the list owner would want to go in and configure the newly created list/forum by clicking on the corresponding link at: http://COP.cim3.net/mailman/admin    (4S)

2.1 as a reference, one might want to refer to http://COP.cim3.net/mailman/admin/COP-test/general for details    (88)

2.2 Please use all lower case for list names (unfortunately, mailman automatically capitalizes the first letter, after they were created -- therefore, please go into the list admin page and manually change it back to all lower case for the list name.)    (4T)

2.3 The list owner would need to add (subscribe or invite) new users by selecting the "Membership Management" link under the list admin "General Options Section" (which would be the first page that shows up after you entered with your admin password.)    (4U)

2.4 IMPORTANT: besides the regular subscribers, please add/subscribe the system user <mharc@COP.cim3.net> to each and every new list that is created. This enables the archival of the messages that are being distributed by the list. *IMPORTANT: make sure you substitute "COP" with your community/site name in the above system address.    (4V)

3. IMPORTANT: The list owner will then need to inform us <mailto:admin@cim3.com> so that we can configure the server to serve the archived HTML-message pages. For each list/forum, we would need the name, description and address. Example:    (4W)

 Name: community-test
 Description: COMMUNITY-TEST
 Address: community-test@community.cim3.net    (4X)
 Name: cwe-user
 Description: CWE-USER
 Address: cwe-user@community.cim3.net    (4Y)
 Name: cwe-admin
 Description: CWE-ADMIN
 Address: cwe-admin@community.cim3.net    (4Z)

3.1 allow us some time (usually hours, but say, max. 2 days) to do the server configuration. The list owner will get a confirmation e-mail back, once the configuration is completed.    (50)

4. You would want to test and confirm that everything is working by sending a, say, "Test" or "Welcome" message to that new list/forum.    (51)

4.1 archives are picked up every 15 minutes. Therefore, allow some time between your sending out the message, to when you should expect to see it showing up on the message archive.    (52)

4.2 IMPORTANT: note that getting a first message through is actually part of the archive creation process. Therefore, please send that test/welcome message, otherwise, the message archive site and index page will not be created.    (53)

5. E-mail us at mailto:admin@cim3.com, if there is any question.    (54)

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