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The flavor of wiki we are employing here is called PurpleWiki. It is an derivative of UseModWiki with the additional support for PurpleNumbers.    (22)

Getting Started with this Wiki    (23)

The first time you use this Wiki (or the first time you start a wiki session from a different machine or IP address), you should select "Preferences" from the menu, and create a username for yourself. Your username should be a WikiWord. Please use the same name for yourself every time.    (24)

Check RecentChanges Regularly    (25)

It's good practice to click on RecentChanges regularly, to see what's changed, and possibly identify new avenues to which you can contribute. RecentChanges links are available at the top and bottom of every wiki page.    (26)

System Support    (27)

If you run into a problem, you can mailto:admin@cim3.com Or, feel free to ask anyone in the community who are more familiar with the system and the process -- this is what collaboration is all about.    (28)

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