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Wiki Spam    (ADL)

Wiki spam is a real nuisance. The good news is, the entire community of wiki developers and operators are pooling their resources to foil these spammers' efforts, and to render their actions futile.    (ADM)

Fixing Spammed Pages    (ADN)

Anyone who can edit the wiki can and should manually fix vandalism as soon as it happens. This wiki allows you to overwrite the current (presumably vandalized) version of a page and replace it with an older version. To do that:    (ADO)

See also - good discussions at: UseMod:WikiSpam and MeatBall:WikiSpam    (ADT)

Wiki Spammers    (AHR)

 IP / Host                                     Content                     Remarks    (AHT)

Jun-2005    (AHV)

 pcp0010138523pcs.dallas01.ga.comcast.net      http://*.altse.com/        (as is being filtered) =ppy/2005.06.22    (AHW)

please log wiki spammers and their content in reverse chronological order above. Thanks. =ppy    (AHX)

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