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Wiki Upgrade Apr-2005    (AG7)

New features and changes that becomes effective on the upgraded wiki's are being highlighted below. Note that, upgrading is still in progress, and CWE-admin's are being notified as their sites are upgraded (although one can easily tell, because the user interface change is very obvious.)    (AGW)

We will be opening this up to solicit comments soon (after the bulk of the sites have been migrated). Stay tuned. (-=ppy/2005.04.06)    (AGY)

Test Wiki    (AH8)

New Features    (AG8)

What Has Changed (operationally)    (AGH)

{{{    (AH3)

     this is a test
     this is only a test    (AH1)
     more test
     much more testing    (AGL)

}}}    (AH4)

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