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Welcome to the CWE Community wiki!    (1U8)

The CWE Community is a community of users, administrators, developers, researchers and virtual entrepresneurs who are engaging in distributed work, over the Collaborative Work Environment ("CWE") infrastructure hosted on CIM3.NET.    (5R)

This is the CWE Community Wiki, an integral part of the community's Collaborative Work Environment ("CWE"). The wiki is intended for use by trusted team and members of the community for collaborative documentation. What we have here is a read-and-write web, as opposed to the traditional read-only web sites. It is a collaborative authoring tool. You can also treat it like the restaurant napkin that you sketch on, to share ideas with people sitting around the table. Except, this time, the wiki is you napkin, and the people you are sharing your ideas with can be all around the world, sitting in front of their computing device connected to the Internet; and they don't even necessarily have to be there at the same time you are sketching.    (2)

First time users should read more about the WikiWikiWeb and then play in the SandBox. Text formatting rules can be found at the TextFormattingRules page. For rules about using this Wiki, read our WikiStyleGuide and WikiProcessGuide. Please set your Preferences and assign yourself a "WikiWord"; styled user name (like "JaneDoe"; or "AbrahamLincoln") before you proceed with a wiki authoring session from a different machine.    (3)

CWE User Information    (4I)

CWE Administrator Information    (4K)

VM Admistrator Information    (AP0)

Information and Policies for (customer/user-side) Administrators who are running with their collaborative application(s) deployed on the CIM3 xen-based virtual machines.    (AP1)

Discussion Forum / Mailing Lists Archives / File-Sharing Workspace / Document Repository    (7)

Communities of Practice & Projects    (4)

More about Collaborative Work Environments    (F)

Intellectual Property Rights Policy    (O)

CreditsAcknowledgement    (L)

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